Seed Saver: One Man Story of Ensuring Seed Diversity

Sep 3, 2022 | Food/Drink, Videos

Seeds present a moral dilemma for the agriculture industry. On one side, consumers are strongly opposing GMO food, and genetically modified seeds. On the other hand, as a society, we are losing our seeds.’

An infographic from 2013 shows that we have lost 93% of the seed diversity in the past 100 years. If that doesn’t sound catastrophic enough, nothing will.

One man is on a mission to change all that up. John Coykendall is a master gardener of Blackberry Farm. He is determined to preserve heirloom varieties of seeds, and make sure we as society have options when it comes to seeds diversity. John believes he can slow down irrecoverable losses.

John has dedicated his life to gardening, and everything started since he was a child. As most children, he expected instant results when he planted his first seed. But that didn’t happen. However, when he saw his first potatoes grow, he was electrified of happiness.

That experience stayed with him forever, and he says it will stay for lifetime. He has found a farm that was abandoned for years, and it is where he planted his farm. Hear his story and how he thinks every man makes a difference, and calls others to follow his example.

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Riyan H.