Secrets of the Dead -The Mona Lisa Mystery

Jun 18, 2022 | Art, Conspiracy, Videos

Her smile has captured the world’s attention. Mona Lisa is a masterpiece by every way and factor you see it. She is unique, a simple, yet priceless painting. She is looking at you from every angle you are seeing her. How did Leonardo da Vinci made it possible?

And the more interesting question, is she really unique? Can there be a second Mona Lisa? Back in 1913, a portrait with a younger, and unfinished Mona Lisa surfaced the world. People around the world were asking themselves, is this “the earlier version” of Da Vinci’s masterpiece?

According to two contemporary references, Da Vinci could have painted Mona Lisa more than once. Scientists test those paintings to determine whether there is another Mona Lisa, or Da Vinci has made only one and unique Mona Lisa.

There are evidences that Leonardo worked on the most famous picture in art history in two different periods of time. But is it possible that he finished the painting in both periods? Or left the one unfinished, and that painting never saw the light of the day? And the second one is the one we see it nowadays? Find out the mystery of Mona Lisa.

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Riyan H.