Science, space and human discovery – reinventing the world (2/6)

Nov 24, 2023 | History, Science, Technology, Videos

Experience the journey of the birth of the modern world in the third episode of “Reinventing the World”. The 17th century was a period of immense progress and innovation, marked by scientific discoveries like Johannes Kepler’s laws of planetary motion and the first newspaper publication. But alongside scientific progress, women were still being punished for alleged witchcraft.
Join Johann Carolus, the inventor of the newspaper, astronomer Johannes Kepler, and Anna Veltmans, a shopkeeper accused of witchcraft, as they navigate the duality of technological advancements and spirituality. Follow the journey of historical leaders in their quest to discover the truth of our place in the world. The documentary also features Caroline Dorn, an astrophysicist based in Bern and Pauline Tillmann, a young journalist dedicated to promoting long-read reporting and giving more voice to women in media. Get ready to reflect on the past and contemplate the future in this riveting episode of “Reinventing the World”.

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David B