Safe cities for women – Founders Valley (5/5)

Oct 21, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Devastating human rights violations plague women and girls worldwide, with gender inequality remaining a significant issue. However, social entrepreneurs in India are taking a stand against discrimination and traditional ideologies in the most promising ways. They’re utilizing cutting-edge technology to combat violence against females, taking their solutions to the public eye, and reshaping the image of women as prey or victims. Their ultimate goal is clear: the complete eradication of sexual violence against women globally.
In a landmark documentary, one such survivor who refused to be held back by society’s norms is Laxmi Agarwal. This acid attack survivor and activist have become a cultural icon for women’s rights in India. Her moving story of resilience, determination, and hope is captured in “Chhapaak.” This film represented by Deepika Padukone is an intimate portrayal of her struggle and journey to recovery, highlighting the horrific reality of acid attacks and the exacerbated social stigma against female victims.

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David B