Rwanda: High Tech Made in Kigali

Nov 3, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

The horrific events of 1994 in Rwanda that left over 800,000 people dead will never be forgotten. The tragedy of those days still remains today in the collective memory of not only Rwandans, but the world at large. However, it is to the generation born after these terrible events that we must look for hope and renewal.

The post-genocide generation in Rwanda is a group of remarkable young people who refuse to be held back by their country’s turbulent past. Despite facing significant odds and challenges, they are ambitious, driven and optimistic. They bring with them a wealth of ideas and energy that is set to drive Rwanda’s economy forward into the future.

However, this group is often overlooked by both domestic and global media outlets because they do not fit the narrative of conflict and despair that was associated with Rwanda in the past. This is why it is so important to watch “Escape! – The Post-Genocide Generation” – a documentary about this inspiring new generation living in Rwanda today.

The film follows seven young people through their daily lives as they strive to create something better out of their difficult circumstances. We get an intimate look into their struggles and achievements as they navigate life without rejecting their country’s dark history or sacrificing their dreams for something better. Through them, we gain insight into the resilience and resourcefulness of a generation determined to take control over their own destinies, no matter what fate has dealt them in the past.

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David B