Russians in Georgia

Jul 3, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Since the war in Ukraine, thousands of Russians have fled to Georgia – seeking refuge from state persecution and western sanctions. Despite the dangers of displacement, many Georgians are skeptical and even hostile towards these new arrivals, given the sour history between the two countries.
The documentary film, told in third-person, explores the journey of three Russians as they navigate their newfound home away from home. Artyom Petukhov, an anti-war activist, had to leave his country at short notice with nothing but his smartphone. He found solace with an exiled compatriot, Egor Kuroptev, who has lived in Tbilisi for over ten years. Tanya from Moscow came to Georgia with her four children in search of a better life. But their journey is far from smooth-sailing, as growing concerns linger about more Russian citizens relocating to Georgia, causing a rift between the two neighboring countries. As tensions rise, volunteers from Georgia fight alongside Ukraine in the current conflict, battling their own personal fight against Russia.

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David B