Russian Daredevils: Adrenaline Rush On Top Of The World

  • Published 6 years ago
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Adrenaline rush, a sudden burst of energy coming from an increased production of the hormone adrenaline. Increased blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, metabolism, perspiration, all of which are a result of increase in production of the neurotransmitter called adrenaline.

Nowadays, people called adrenaline junkies search for every possible way to increase their adrenaline levels. The thrill is something that cannot be described with words, only felt when you jump from a building high enough to feel the pressure rising in your veins.

Bungee jumping is an activity believed to give the most adrenaline rush. But what happens when you take bungee jumping to a whole new level?

A group of Russian young adults try to experience a new level of adrenaline rush, jumping from some of the tallest buildings in Russia. Bridges, construction sites, skyscrapers, those places are no longer interesting for some people.

These adrenaline junkies from Russia taking bungee jumping to a whole new level want to climb heights never experienced by no one else but them. Simply watching the video will give you chills and send your adrenaline production into overdrive. That being said, imagine the blood running through their veins when they jump from sites tall as 350+ meters?

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