Royal British Special Forces - A Look at Sierra Leone Mission

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The Special Air Service, or shortly called SAS is a unit in the British Army established in 1941. The unit first started as a program, and was later reconstructed into a corps operation in 1950. The British Special Air Service forces are an elite unit, responsible for some of the most dangerous missions, both foreign and interior.

The members of the elite force know that every time they deploy on a mission, chances are they might not return. The documentary takes you through one of the most dangerous missions by the Special Air Service, a mission in 2000 in Sierra Leone.

The special forces were tasked with a rescue operation for British soldiers, held captive by a group of vigilantes. The British defense secretary at the time himself noted that when he was briefed before the mission, he was warned that there might be casualties.

Making a decisive decision to send the boys into what most of the time looks like sure death scenario is not an easy call to make. But sometimes, the hard calls are the ones that make a man.

Take a look at how the 2000 mission in Sierra Leona unfolded, and how the British forces managed to succeed.

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