The 8 Best Documentaries About Sierra Leone

Oct 1, 2023 | Best Of, Geography

Sierra Leone is a country with a rich and long history, and the best documentaries about Sierra Leone provide a unique insight into its culture, people, and struggles. Whether you’re looking for an educational glimpse into life in Sierra Leone or simply want to be entertained by its stories, these are the must-see documentaries that bring this African nation’s stories to life. From insightful interviews with locals to the harrowing stories of child soldiers, these documentaries capture a unique perspective on Sierra Leone’s past and present. So if you’re looking for an informative, entertaining, or emotional experience – dive deep into Sierra Leonean culture with these amazing documentaries!


1. Sierra Leone: The search for a better life

Sierra Leone: A Search for a Better LifeThe monsoon season in Sierra Leone is an annual challenge that many families face. For two sisters living in poverty, it has become much more than just something they have to overcome – it’s part of their daily life. Despite the fact that their house is constantly under water, their father refuses to move away from the vulnerable home. This documentary offers a glimpse into their struggle as they search for a better life. It provides an intimate portrait of the sisters’ daily hardships and resilience in difficult times. The film follows their journey as they battle to make ends meet and find hope in whatever circumstances arise.


2. Sierra Leone: The urgency to live | Deadliest Journeys

The people of Sierra Leone embody the spirit of their nation’s namesake: the lion. In a place that is anything but simple, every day brings with it an urgency to live life to its fullest. From navigating new challenges and facing unpredictable dangers to embracing joys and unique opportunities, this documentary takes us on a journey through one of Africa’s most iconic countries. See for yourself the incredible resilience of Sierra Leone’s citizens as they traverse what may be their deadliest journey yet. This is a story of strength and determination that will leave you inspired. Be part of the adventure and explore Sierra Leone with us!


3. Sierra Leone: Part One (Full Episode)

Sierra Leone has had a tumultuous past, but the resilience of its people is an inspiration to all. From being the source of slaves in the Atlantic slave trade, to surviving the decade-long civil war, and later enduring the world’s worst Ebola outbreak – Sierra Leone has been through more than its fair share of tragedy and hardship. Nevertheless, it stands today as a testament to the strength of its citizens, and the courage with which they faced their struggles.


4. Chinese fishing threatens the livelihoods of Sierra Leone’s fishermen

The centuries-old tradition of fishing in the village of Tombo is at risk. Chinese trawlers, armed with modern methods, are coming to the coastal waters and taking far more than their fair share of fish stocks. This has created a dangerous situation for the fishermen as they struggle to make a living off of this scarce resource. As food insecurity becomes an increasingly prominent issue in Sierra Leone, the need to protect these traditional fishing grounds is more urgent than ever. Communities must work together to protect their main source of sustenance while advocating for sustainable practices from far away fleets. Achieving this balance will be a challenge but one worth fighting for if we want to ensure food security for future generations.


5. The Rise of Foday Sankoh and the Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone

In March 1991, the Sierra Leonean government was thrown into chaos when the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) launched a revolution from the east of the country. The RUF aimed to overthrow the existing regime and plunge Sierra Leone into an 11-year civil war. This conflict had devastating consequences for civilians living in this African nation, leading to displacement, atrocities and loss of life. Thankfully, the war eventually concluded in 2002 with the signing of a peace accord. The story of this conflict has been documented in several documentaries which provide an insight into the events that unfolded and its awful impact on society.


6. What’s behind the violent protests in Sierra Leone? | Inside Story

Violent protests are a harsh reality in Sierra Leone, with at least 21 demonstrators and six police officers killed recently. The nationwide curfew imposed by the government reflects the severity of the situation. BBC’s Inside Story provides an in-depth look into what caused the unrest and how it can be addressed. From interviews with top politicians to eye-witness accounts from local citizens, it reveals the reality of life in this West African nation and how it affects its people. It is a thought-provoking look at a country struggling to find long-term peace and security. With multiple perspectives from both sides, it offers viewers an inside perspective on some of the most pressing issues facing Sierra Leone today.


7. Children of War – Sierra Leone – January

The children of Sierra Leone have faced some of the world’s most heartbreaking atrocities. Driven by a thirst for power and wealth, rebels drugged innocent children on cocoa beans to make them fight in wars that were fuelled by blood diamonds. Out of this violence emerged tales of immense tragedy, as mutilations left many child victims unable to move forward with their lives. The world has been left to ponder: how can justice be brought to a generation that’s lost so much? Through the lens of documentary filmmaking, Children of War – Sierra Leone – January delves into this question and captures poignant portraits of those who have struggled to survive and rebuild in the aftermath.


8. 5th World poorest country – Sierra Leone | Sierra Leone movie(Tears filled my eyes – Excess hardship

Tears of sorrow and hardship fill the eyes of those living in one of Sierra Leone’s poorest areas, Freetown. With a population of around 7,000, the people who call this place home face a life filled with struggle and difficulty. But despite all odds, they manage to cope with their conditions and survive. This documentary tells the story of Susan Bay; a place full of misery, but also rich in spirit. It shows how its people bravely combat the poverty surrounding them and fight for better lives. Those who watch it will be moved by their courage and touched by their determination.

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