Ross Kemp: Extreme World – UK EP5

Feb 16, 2024 | Social, Videos

The highly acclaimed investigative series Unreported World, from the United Kingdom’s Channel 4, has just completed its latest season with a powerful look into the world of human trafficking between the UK and Romania. The documentary follows reporter Ross Kemp as he locks onto the heart of this global issue to expose the criminals who profit from it.

The investigation takes a personal turn for Kemp when he meets some of the people who have been victims of these traffickers, hearing their harrowing accounts of being taken from their homes in Romania and sold into what can often be a living nightmare abroad. Through his work, Kemp also brings us face-to-face with those behind this insidious act—giving us an insight into how lucrative human trafficking can be for those willing to exploit vulnerable people.

This documentary serves as an important reminder that human trafficking is still very much a reality in today’s world. It’s often hidden away or talked about only in hushed tones, but Unreported World shines a light on it—bringing it out into the open for all to see.

We urge you to watch this powerful investigative piece by Ross Kemp and discover what he uncovers about this dark underworld. See how those affected by human trafficking cope with their experiences and learn more about what measures are being taken to tackle this global problem.

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David B