Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

Jun 16, 2023 | Political, Videos

Alex Jones’ powerful documentary Endgame is an eye-opening journey into the inner workings of the global elite. It documents their sinister plans for world domination and control, tracing their blueprint back to 1800 when banking cartels first began funding both sides of every war. With meticulous detail, Endgame reveals the usurpation of the British economy by the Rothschild family which helped bankroll all factions during WWI through banks in France, Austria, Germany and England.

The film then delves into the fallout of WWI and how those in power attempted to form a League of Nations before being blocked by Congress. This lead to two opposing political factions – fascists and Fabian socialists – who were again funded by bankers on both sides during WWII, ultimately resulting in the UN’s formation.

Endgame also covers Alex’s own experience at the 2006 Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa where he was detained at the Canadian border on orders from Bilderberg insiders themselves. The film features interviews with Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin – veteran reporters who have been covering these meetings for 27 and 15 years respectively – as well as reporting on efforts towards regional harmonization between the US Mexico and Canada at secretive SPP summits under a “evolution by stealth” agenda.

The documentary also examines attempts to hijack environmentalism for nefarious purposes, going back decades to use an exaggerated threat from mother nature in order to control energy markets, regulate lesser economies, and increase economic inequality across classes through pricing out the middle classes. Finally, Endgame exposes how eugenics has never gone away but is instead rebranded as palatable entertainment.

Endgame is essential viewing for anyone serious about understanding our current situation and where it could be heading if we don’t pay attention to those pulling strings behind the scenes. From slick production value to its intense soundtrack filmed in high definition quality, this riveting documentary will leave viewers both informed and dismayed by what they couldn’t see before now.

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David B