Rooftopping – climbing high in Shanghai

Oct 31, 2023 | Activism, People, Videos

Rooftopper Jason Huang has taken adventure-seeking to the next level, spending his weekends scaling some of Shanghai’s tallest skyscrapers. But the guards at the entrances of these buildings aren’t the only obstacle he faces. In a race against time, he swiftly maneuvers around construction scaffolding, thin building cranes, and narrow rooftops – all to capture breathtaking photos that he shares under ‘brucewithbrave’ on social media.
But there’s more to Shanghai’s rooftoppers, who are mainly aged between 18 and 28, than just an adrenaline rush. Despite growing up in relative prosperity in socialist China, they seek adventure, new experiences, and a sense of belonging within their group, which can be seen as a rebellion against the conformist expectations of society. The documentary explores these young thrill-seekers, their motivations, and the implications of their dangerous lifestyle, captured in stunning footage from perspectives few have seen before.

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David B