Rogue Wave Hits Ship in Storm Force 12 ! Massive !

Aug 1, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The documentary “Ouessant: The Tugboat That Saved Brittany” tells the incredible story of the Bee Flanders, a powerful tugboat that was able to tow a tanker of 550,000 tons in load. On 4 January 98, the Amoco tanker nearly collided with Ouessant rocks and Portsall.

The crew of the Bee Flanders managed to avert disaster against all odds. These brave seafarers found themselves in an extremely dangerous situation, with winds blowing at force 10 to 12. Despite the risk they were facing, they never considered themselves heroes.

The tugboat operated by these courageous sailors has since become renowned as one of the most powerful vessels in the world, and it has been chartered for many public service missions. Had this same tugboat been available on that fateful day four years ago, its superior power could have potentially prevented 200 kilometers of coastline from being sullied by oil spills.

This inspiring story is told through interviews with those who experienced it first-hand and breathtaking drone footage of the boat itself as it moves through turbulent seas. This documentary provides an up-close look into the lives of these heroic men and women as they face a challenge that few could imagine – and succeed brilliantly in doing so.

We highly recommend watching this mesmerizing documentary “Ouessant: The Tugboat That Saved Brittany” for an inspiring glimpse into courage and determination in life’s most dire circumstances.

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David B