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May 23, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

Have you ever thought about how some children reach their schools every day? For the children of Madibago, a small village in the southern Philippines, the journey to school is one of the most dangerous and spectacular in the world.
Children as young as five years old walk alone through the dense jungle for hours to get to their schools, while others climb steep faces of rocks and boulders overgrown with moss and tree roots. This perilous journey is what the locals call Pam-Pang, a gigantic wall that children climb daily to pursue education and the dream of a better future.
A new documentary, Most Dangerous Ways To School – Philippines, captures the courageous journey of these children as they defy the treacherous environmental conditions and climb up Pam-Pang to reach school safely.
Produced on the Zamboanga del Norte peninsula in the southern Philippines, this documentary shares the stories of children like eleven-year-old Aible, who lives close to the sea but travels to the heart of the mountains every day to attend school. Despite living in an area where a ride on a motorbike taxi costs just a dollar and would save hours of walking and climbing, she, like most children in Madibago, cannot afford the short-cut.
For decades, Madibago children have been taking Pam-Pang – and the documentary gives viewers an up-close look at the wall and the dangers it poses. Despite changing weather conditions causing slippery conditions, dangerous routes and overwhelming hazards, the children continue to chase their dreams.
The documentary unveils not just the heart-stopping journey of these children but also the hope, resilience, and unbreakable spirit of the Filipino people, who value education above all.
The documentary Most Dangerous Ways To School – Philippines is a testament to the incredible and inspiring children of Madibago. If you want to see their journey yourself, make sure to watch the documentary on [link to film]. It’s sure to leave a lasting and uplifting impression on anyone who watches.

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