Rise of Japanese Sexuality - From Geishas to Divas

  • Published 7 years ago
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Back in the 18th century, Japan became a host country for geisha, traditional female entertainers who act as hostesses with skills such as performing music, dancing, conversation and much more. Sometimes, geisha entertained male customers in a sexual way, but that was rarely the case.

Nowadays, the country has moved on from the world of geisha, and into the world of emancipated women, divas and more sexually conscious females.

Sex shops are becoming a standard in Japan, with women wanting to feel more attractive, but also more desirable, sexual and emotionally aware of everything around them.

As you might suspect, it hasn’t always been like that. The short documentary takes you through the rise of sexuality in Japan, and how Japanese women are becoming more sexually demanding. The focus might be on pornography, but there are also other aspects that play a role in the change of culture.

And as you might see in the documentary, striptease clubs are now something that you can find in Tokyo where women enjoy the company of naked males.

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