Red Light Blues is a documentary film that examines the recent and controversial changes to Amsterdam’s world-famous red light district. The documentary shows how government policies have begun to impact the lives of people living, working, and entertaining in this unique area of the city. Through interviews with residents, activists, politicians and business owners, Red Light Blues provides an in-depth look into the impact these changes have had on human rights and civil liberties.

The vibrant culture of Amsterdam’s red light district has been an integral part of its identity for centuries, but recent policy shifts have altered its character significantly. The documentary explores this transformation through engaging conversations with locals who are experiencing firsthand the effects of these changes. Through these accounts we gain insight into how people living here feel about their home being transformed around them.

With sophisticated cinematography and insightful interviews, Red Light Blues offers a thoughtful and nuanced exploration of a complex topic. It is a timely reminder of how our actions today can have long lasting consequences on the most vulnerable members of society. For anyone interested in social issues or human rights, this documentary is essential viewing. Red Light Blues offers an important perspective on a critical global issue that will remain relevant for years to come.