China’s New Silk Road in Europe

Jun 16, 2023 | Business, Economics, Videos

The documentary “21st Century Silk Road” takes us on a journey into the depths of this ambitious project that aims to consolidate China’s status as a global economic and political player. The project encompasses a network of railway lines, airports, and shipping routes, most of them either run or controlled by China. While supporters point to their potential for economic growth, critics warn of growing dependence on China. So, is the Silk Road a blessing or a curse for those hoping to benefit?
The film focuses on three key locations at the European end of the Silk Road: the inland port of Duisburg, Liège with one of the continent’s biggest cargo airports and the new Alibaba logistics hub, and major Italian seaport Genoa. It reveals the degree to which they are already integrated into the Chinese trade network and examines the prospects of the 21st-century Silk Road in light of China’s zero-COVID strategy and its partnership with Russia. Don’t miss the “21st Century Silk Road” documentary for an insightful understanding of this gigantic project and its impact.

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David B