Rebuilding Gaza: Body and Soul

Aug 9, 2023 | Environmental, People, Technology, Videos

In May 2021, the war between Israel and Hamas left a devastating mark on Gaza, with more than 200 Palestinians and 13 Israelis killed in just 11 days. The material destruction caused by the conflict was immense: homes were destroyed, infrastructure was damaged and countless lives were affected. But behind the rubble lay an even more insidious form of destruction: psychological trauma.

In the aftermath of the conflict, the people of Gaza must not only rebuild their homes, but also their mental health. Mental health professionals have identified trauma-related symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stress-related physical illnesses and psychosomatic diseases among local residents. Recognising the urgent need for mental health support, a number of organisations and initiatives have begun to offer services in different parts of Gaza to help people overcome their trauma and develop resilience to future events.

Despite all the destruction and suffering, stories of hope can still be found in everyday life in Gaza. A forthcoming documentary by filmmaker Dalal Al-Baz takes viewers inside the Gaza Strip to see for themselves how people are managing to survive in such difficult conditions. Through interviews with people affected by the war and the medical professionals who care for them, the film takes an intimate look at the human cost of the conflict and how people find a way out of despair and into recovery.

We encourage everyone to watch Dalal Al-Baz’s forthcoming documentary about trauma in Gaza. It is a powerful testament to courage and resilience in difficult times, and is sure to inspire viewers.

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David B