*RE-UPLOAD* Coronation / Europe’s drug trade / Ib Antoni

Nov 9, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

King Charles‘ coronation last year has sparked a great deal of debate about the role and purpose of the monarchy in modern British society. Questions have been raised about its colonial history, as well as its massive wealth at a time of deep economic crisis for the country.

These issues have been brought to light even further with the recent police raids targeting Italy’s most powerful criminal organization, ‘Ndrangheta. Europol estimates that this organization is responsible for 80% of Europe’s drug trade, with tentacles reaching far into North Africa and Central America. This reality will be explored in-depth in a new documentary focusing on the life and legacy of Ib Antoni, an iconic Danish illustrator who put Copenhagen on the map.

The film takes viewers on a journey through Ib Antoni’s work, exploring his creative process and how he used his art to challenge ideas about art itself. Along with these intimate stories, viewers will also delve into Ib Antoni’s greatest works and uncover startling truths about Europe’s drug trade. Through research and stunning visuals, this documentary promises to be an eye-opening exploration into one of Europe’s darkest sides.

For those interested in learning more about Europe’s hidden secrets and exploring themes such as colonialism and economic inequality, this documentary is an absolute must-watch. So tune in and immerse yourself in an enlightening experience unlike any other.

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David B