Charles Bronson: The Most Violent Man In England

Jan 19, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Charles Salvador, also known as, Charles Bronson (real name Michael Gordon Peterson) is born on December 6, 1952 in Luton, Bedfordshire. He is an English criminal who is often referred to in the British press as the “most violent prisoner in Britain”.

He became a petty criminal before being sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment in 1974. While in prison, he began making a name for himself, considered as loose cannon, often fighting convicts and prison officers.

Salvador is one of the highest-profile criminals in Britain and has been featured in books, interviews, and studies in prison reform and treatment. He is the main character of the 2008 movie “Bronson” and the story is loosely based on his life.

He does not consider himself to be a criminal, stating that: “I’m a nice guy, but sometimes I lose all my senses and become nasty. That doesn’t make me evil, just confused.”

In 2014 he announced that he was changing his name again, this time to Charles Salvador in a mark of respect to one of his favorite artists and to distance himself from his existing reputation.

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Riyan H.