Raising Kids on Junk Food

Dec 4, 2022 | Food/Drink, Videos

Junk food is a term we use to describe food that is high in calories like sugar and fat, but low in dietary fiber and protein.
The term describes food and drinks low in nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Eating too much is often associated with serious health problems.
This is why junk food is not a necessary part of any diet.
This shocking documentary reveals babies and toddlers being raised on diets of fast food, fries, burgers and pizza, all washed down with bottles of fizzy soda.
The video explores the deep-seated reasons why parents resort to junk food feeding and follows three families as they desperately try and get back on the right nutritional track.
From gentle food play to dramatic shocks, the parents team up with real experts who mentor them through the latest techniques as they try to wean their children off fast food and we found out whether these parents are even aware how harmful this food is for their children.

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Riyan H.