RACE for Future“ – Formula E in Berlin

Dec 7, 2023 | Sports, Technology, Videos

In Berlin, the present and the future of motorsports meet on the green racing circuit – the FIA Formula E. What started as an eco-friendly and innovative technology project with a humble beginning has now transformed into one of the most exciting racing events of the year.
The documentary takes us on a journey into the world of Formula E with the former F1 world champion, Nico Rosberg, Dilbagh Gil’s Indian Mahindra Racing Team, and the CEO of the electric motorcycle company eROCKIT, Andreas Zurwehme. We get to see and experience the perfect blend of technology, innovation, and speed that Formula E offers. With every race, Formula E pushes the boundaries of what’s possible for day-to-day electric mobility solutions. Join us as we explore the future of racing with the world’s best and brightest on this one-of-a-kind circuit.

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David B