Pole Vaulting: Overcoming Gravity

Aug 18, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

The pole vault is one of the most thrilling and dynamic athletics events out there. It takes skill, athleticism, and a great deal of precision in order to launch yourself over a bar that can be as high as five metres. While it may appear effortless when done correctly, this event requires an incredible degree of physicality and agility that is impressive to witness.

The pole vault relies on an athlete’s ability to transform kinetic energy into gravitational energy – with each leap from the ground requiring intense coordination between mind and body. The athlete must optimise their energy in order to launch themselves higher and higher in the air, before using the same principles to conserve energy in order to land safely on the other side.

In order to understand just how difficult this feat is requires watching first-hand what it takes for athletes to excel at this sport – something best seen through BBC’s documentary titled ‘Above the Bar’. This documentary follows elite pole vaulters around Europe and gives viewers insight into their daily training regimes, diets, techniques – ultimately providing an exclusive look into their lifestyle of dedication and passion for pole vaulting.

For anyone who loves athletics or simply enjoys watching people push their bodies to the limits, Above the Bar is not only entertaining but also incredibly inspiring. It contains stories that range from lighthearted humour to heartbreaking tragedy – all within a context that allows viewers to appreciate the danger involved in such a unique sport. If you want a better understanding of what it takes for athletes to compete at such a level, then watch Above the Bar today!

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David B