Deadliest Roads | India/Bangladesh: The Traps of the Brahmaputra

May 17, 2023 | Social, Videos

Welcome to an acclaimed and captivating documentary series that takes you on the treacherous routes of the Brahmaputra. Follow the journey of drivers aboard ancient trucks from the mountains of North-East India as they brush precipices and cross suspension bridges whose planks threaten to break at any moment. Witness the dangerous journey of thousands of cows transported across the river in simple wooden boats, while crowded ferries play bumper-boats, ploughing through the waters to their docks.
The Brahmaputra river flows for 2,900km through China, India, and Bangladesh, with one hundred million people living along its banks.  In North-East India, its rapids make it impossible for navigation, and trucks are the only means of transportation able to supply the remote villages. Thousands of cows in this region are transported in primitive wooden boats, while the water gets crowded with ferries.
Meanwhile, on the Bangladesh side of the river, the documentary reveals a daunting world of men working in wretched conditions in gigantic shipyards, where they retrieve materials to construct boats. As you journey through the breathtaking scenes of the Brahmaputra river, you will be amazed at the lengths people go to in order to change their destinies.
Join us on this thrilling ride and watch as we showcase the dangerous and enthralling routes of Brahmaputra, where the only limit is your determination. Don’t miss out on this breathtaking adventure in the heart of Asia.
Watch NOW and discover a world of brave drivers, cattle, and the mighty river itself.

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David B