Playboy millionaire or saint? – The case of Florian Homm |

Jun 23, 2023 | Drugs, People, Social, Videos

Florian Homm – former banker, billionaire, cocaine addict, and most wanted man by the FBI – is now a changed man. But is he really?
The new Florian, a devout Catholic who teaches economics, is a far cry from the man who lived a life of excess, with prostitutes and drugs, and defrauded investors and fixed stock prices. What drove him to break the law? Was it greed, as he claims? Director X takes us on a journey into Florian’s world, exploring the forces that drove him to the top, and then brought him down. From his successful years on the stock market to his subsequent evasion of the FBI’s grasp, this documentary takes us on a thrilling ride that portrays Florian Homm in a totally new light.

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David B