Planet Hunters: Billions of Habitable Planets in the Universe

Sep 2, 2023 | Science, Technology, Videos

Although once considered a topic for science fiction, the question as to whether we are alone in the universe is now one of the most pressing issues in science. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, interdisciplinary co-operation and immense scientific curiosity, we might be close to uncovering a definitive answer.
One gripping expedition is outlined in the documentary series “Planet Hunters,” which documents the work of the talented astronomers who are at the forefront of an unprecedented search for what could be habitable planets beyond our solar system. Using data gathered from the Kepler Space Telescope, experts have located hundreds of planets that may be almost identical to the one we call home.
Based on these astonishing discoveries, scientists increasingly argue that there could be billions of habitable planets in the universe. And with ever-growing advancements in our technology, the probability of discovering extra-terrestrial life seems more likely than ever before. That being said, measuring alien life remains a challenge for scientists; however, the possibility of finding it raises ethical questions that have never been so vital for humanity.
We recommend that you watch the documentary to learn more about this groundbreaking research and discover how close we may be to finding the answer to humanity’s most profound questions.

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David B