Phoenix Temple – Life On Fire

Aug 27, 2023 | Culture, History, Videos

Phoenix Temple – Life On Fire offers an in-depth look into the inspiring story of Phoenix Temple, an organization dedicated to helping individuals escape poverty and addiction through yoga and meditation. Established in 2001, the temple has been offering free healing services to the people of Los Angeles for nearly two decades, giving hope to those looking to overcome a difficult past and create a brighter future.

The documentary follows the life of Phoenix Temple’s founder, Guruji Devadas, as he guides a group of troubled youth through his teachings on meditation and yoga. Through his guidance, these individuals are offered an opportunity to discover their true potential and break free from their struggles. The film also features interviews with spiritual teachers who share their personal stories of transformation: from addiction to sobriety; from despair to joy; and from confusion to clarity.

In addition, the documentary shows how Guruji Devadas’ teachings have had a positive impact on many lives beyond that of his students. From providing therapy sessions for inmates at local prisons, to helping veterans cope with PTSD, Guruji Devadas has shown that it is possible for anyone to find peace within themselves if they are willing to work hard enough. It is a powerful message that will inspire viewers no matter where they come from or what challenges they may be facing in their own lives.

So why should you watch Phoenix Temple – Life On Fire? Not only is it an uplifting story about hope and transformation, but it also serves as an excellent reminder that change is possible no matter what situation we may be facing. If you’re looking for motivation or just need a little boost today — this documentary will provide just that!

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David B