Our War: The Lost Platoon

Jun 15, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

The Welsh Guards, 7th Platoon, had a harrowing tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2009. Stationed in Helmand Province, one of the most dangerous and volatile areas of the country, they were tasked with protecting allied forces against a determined enemy. In addition to providing fire support, their mission was to maintain law and order among the civilian population.

Unfortunately, during this tour tragedy struck when their platoon commander Mark Evison lost his life in the line of duty. The documentary “7th Platoon” tells the story of those brave soldiers and their ultimate sacrifice.

For viewers who want an up-close and personal look at war, this film offers an unrivaled glimpse into what it means to fight for your country under difficult conditions. Through interviews with surviving members of 7th Platoon as well as footage taken from their deployment, it provides a unique vantage point from which to explore the life of military personnel on active duty. Beyond that however, it is also an incredibly poignant tribute to those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

From intense firefights to attempts at humanitarian aid work within hostile environments, “7th Platoon” gives viewers a comprehensive look at what it means to be part of an elite fighting force on tour overseas. With its combination of raw emotion and carefully crafted narrative structure, this documentary serves as a solemn reminder that freedom comes with great cost – but also great honor. So if you’re looking for an engaging look into modern warfare or simply want to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country – then make sure you catch “7th Platoon” today!

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David B