One Killer Punch

Jan 18, 2024 | Crime, Social, Videos

One Killer Punch is a documentary that gives viewers an eye-opening look into the phenomenon of a one punch kill. The film explores three separate cases to provide insight on how the law views these kinds of incidents, and how difficult it can be to establish if the person responsible had intended to do serious harm.

The first case is centered around a house party which gets out of hand and ends with one punch killing someone. Even though the person who was hit was able to walk home afterwards, they ultimately died in bed from a brain haemorrhage.

The second story revolves around an altercation between two elderly men arguing over a parking space outside an ASDA shopping centre. It wasn’t until grainy CCTV footage was examined more closely that they could understand what had happened.

The final incident is focused on David Ryding, a 25-year old Merseyside soldier who boxed for the army and died after getting into a street fight outside a nightclub in Rugby in July 2013. It was unclear whether Ben Hartwell acted in self defence when he threw the fatal blow which resulted in David hitting his head on the pavement as he backed away from him and told him he didn’t want to fight.

One Killer Punch sheds light on these powerful topics and examines them with care, leaving viewers with much to ponder about how such cases are handled by authorities worldwide. By hearing from experts and other witnesses involved in each situation, audiences will gain valuable knowledge and understanding that will expand their perspectives on this controversial yet pertinent issue. So if you’re looking for an insightful documentary that will stimulate conversations about justice and accountability, then One Killer Punch is definitely worth your time!

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