One Day in Auschwitz

Jan 18, 2024 | Military/War, Videos

Kitty Hart-Moxon, a 90-year old Polish-English Auschwitz concentration camp survivor, has decided to make the extraordinary journey back to the Nazi death camp. 70 years ago, when Hart-Moxon was only 16 years old, she and her mother were forced to enter the camp. Now she is accompanied by two teenage girls of similar age as her at that time.

Hart-Moxon’s story is both heartbreaking and inspiring as she recounts the true horrors of her experience in the camp – from hunger and exhaustion to witnessing gruesome executions. Yet despite these unimaginable conditions, Hart-Moxon displays incredible resilience, friendship and sheer human strength that allowed her to survive against all odds – taking one day at a time.

This remarkable journey is documented in an upcoming documentary providing an intimate look into Kitty Hart-Moxon’s inner thoughts and feelings as she retraces her steps through Auschwitz for the very first time since being liberated from it seven decades ago. This powerful film sheds light on humanity within extreme adversity – offering hope in times of despair – while giving a voice to survivors whose stories are often ignored or forgotten.

We recommend watching this uplifting documentary about Kitty Hart-Moxon’s journey back to Auschwitz – a testament to the strength of the human spirit in even its darkest moments.

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David B