Olympic dreams – two Afghan skiers aiming for the top

Dec 26, 2023 | People, Sports, Videos

In a country ravaged by war, poverty, and struggling for basic needs, two young men dare to dream of a future where they can proudly represent their nation. These skiers from rural Afghanistan have set their sights on becoming the first Olympians in their country’s history. But competing in a sport that is foreign to their homeland is not an easy task, especially with limited facilities and resources.
Following their journey to Switzerland’s prestigious St. Moritz resort, this exciting documentary unveils how these brave athletes are pushing beyond their physical and mental limitations to make their dreams a reality. Through grit, determination, and sheer perseverance, they are defying all odds and inspiring millions of people around the world, proving that anything is possible if one has the courage to pursue their passion.This captivating story of human spirit and resilience showcases how chasing one’s dreams and aspirations can transcend cultural boundaries and unite people across the globe.

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David B