Of Two Minds is an inspiring documentary that gives an honest and candid look into the lives of three individuals living with bipolar disorder. Through a combination of gripping first-hand accounts, intimate verité footage, and revealing interviews, viewers are given an inside look into what it’s like to experience the extreme highs and lows of life with this condition.

The documentary follows these individuals on their journey from pain to humor—illuminating what it truly feels like to live with bipolar disorder and bringing much-needed faces, stories and understanding to the illness. Instead of relying on preconceived notions or stigma, viewers are presented with a firsthand account that reveals the resilience, courage and hope that comes as part of the daily struggle.

Each individual story speaks poignantly to the unique challenges faced by those living with mental illness every day—from difficulties in relationships and employment to managing medication and seeking therapy. Viewers will leave this film feeling empowered by each individual’s capacity for strength in spite of overwhelming adversity.

So if you’d like a more intimate view into living with bipolar disorder, Of Two Minds offers an inspiring look at how real people manage their condition while still finding joy in life. Go ahead and watch—you won’t regret it!