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Jun 13, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

The Zambezi Train is an amazing documentary that follows the remarkable journey of King Losis Imwiko II as he travels by train through the plains of Zambia. The documentary reveals the unique adventure of a once-great locomotive, and its purposeful eight-hour journey through the wet season waters of Zambia.

The film shows how, despite repeated breakdowns and leaks, this old steam train continues to work during the rainy season. In order for King Losis Imwiko II to relocate in a dry area, the signal is given to begin an incredible procession which requires over 150 boats and 600 paddlers. It is a truly amazing feat that takes almost eight hours to complete and one that has captivated viewers since its release in 2017.

Not only does The Zambezi Train give viewers insight into the culture of Zambia, but it also provides an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature in this African nation while celebrating human ingenuity and courage. From documenting wide sweeping views of the countryside to following close-up shots ofKing Losis Imwiko II’s incredible journey, every moment from this documentary seems like something out of a dream.

For anyone with a thirst for adventure or simply wanting to learn more about one of Africa’s most impressive nations, The Zambezi Train is must-watch viewing material. This awe-inspiring documentary will leave viewers with lasting memories as they take in all that this fascinating country has to offer. So don’t wait any longer – take time out today and immerse yourself in The Zambezi Train!

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