No Sex Please, We’re Japanese

Jan 13, 2024 | Social, Videos

The Japanese population is facing a drastic shift in the coming decades, as experts speculate that they may lose a third of their population within 40 years. Anita Rani dives into the real reasons behind this shift in her compelling new documentary for This World, No Sex Please, We’re Japanese.

Rani’s investigation delves into Japan’s Otaku culture—a subculture of avid anime and computer game fans who have essentially withdrawn from the dating game. She meets two men in their late thirties who prefer to keep relationships with virtual teenage girlfriends instead of real women.

But the lack of sex isn’t the only force driving Japan’s population decline. Women are struggling to work and raise children simultaneously due to traditional gender roles still dominating society. Additionally, Japan boasts one of the oldest populations in the world: 25% of its residents are aged 65 or over, while 50,000 people are over 100 years old.

These factors have drastically shifted Japan’s economic landscape, creating a debt situation far worse than Greece’s—even though Japan remains one of the top three largest economies in the world today. This World: No Sex Please, We’re Japanese covers these issues and more with insightful interviews and captivating footage that will be sure to draw viewers in. It provides a look at how Japan is changing amidst its unique demographic challenges, painting an important picture for understanding current global trends and what could be yet to come.

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David B