No-Go Zones – World’s Toughest Places | Seven Mile Road, Detroit, USA

May 5, 2023 | Crime, Drugs, People, Videos

For years, Detroit has been known as one of the United States’ most dangerous cities. Its infamous Seven Mile Road neighborhood is a place where even the police are wary to tread, particularly after dark. This area is ruled by the Seven Mile Bloods, one of Detroit’s most violent gangs, comprising drug dealers, killers, hustlers and thieves. Their extensive territory is fiercely defended, with gang leader Money maintaining a monopoly on the drug trade with an iron fist.
The street wars keep the gang constantly embroiled in conflict. In order to stay ahead, Money and his cronies need to ensure they always have enough weaponry. The stakes are high: touch-paper could be lit at any moment, setting off a deadly chain reaction.
The crime rate in Detroit is five times higher than the rest of the country, with over 13,000 crimes reported in 2018 alone. None more so than on the front lines of Seven Mile Road, which is the backdrop for bloody territorial battles between gangs.
For a chance to witness the events in this no-go zone, a documentary titled “Seven Mile Road: A Portrait of a No-Go Zone” takes viewers on an immersive journey into the heart of Detroit’s most dangerous neighborhood. Through it all, we follow the city’s police, for whom every assignment is a potential risk. To manage this danger, bounty hunters come to their aid, along with specialist units such as the one led by Tommy Depung.
Featuring expertly captured footage and in-depth interviews with key figures, the documentary brings to life the raw reality of life on Seven Mile Road. Watch the trailer now to uncover how one of the most dangerous places in America has been shaped by the gangs that control it.

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