No-Go Zones – World’s Toughest Places | Ghost Town, South Africa

May 8, 2023 | Crime, Drugs, Social, Videos

Welcome to Ghost Town, a deadly no-go area ruled by the “Ugly Americans”, one of the toughest street gangs in Cape Town. Whoever enters their territory must fear for their life, as no police or ambulances will come to their aid. Drug trading, addiction, violence, shootouts, and prostitution are rampant.
This dangerous neighborhood is led by a boss who rules with an iron fist – Dimes. He controls his no-go zone and has survived an astonishing seventeen murder attempts. In his headquarter, the “White House”, he runs his drug business and orders punishments from beating or torture to execution.
Anis and Bousie are two of the most loyal and toughest members of the “Ugly Americans” street gang. Both are cold hard killers and lead the group. They use drugs and the power of weapons to defend their turf, right down to the death.
In and around Ghost Town, everybody is struggling for the next drug kick. Nikita, a prostitute, is a crystal meth addict who takes the drug daily. To support her son, she works the streets and offers sexual services in exchange for money.
This shocking documentary takes you on a journey into one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. Recently, a new special unit, the “Anti-Gang Unit”, was introduced to bring the situation under control. Ninety-five team members are now investigating the toughest gangs with the help of undercover cops and informers. At the top of their most-wanted list is a member of the “Americans” gang wanted for a brutal murder.
If you’re intrigued by this story, we encourage you to watch the documentary and learn more about this frightening world. But be warned, the content is not for the faint-hearted.

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David B