No-Go Zones: Seven Mile Road, Detroit, USA

Jan 11, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Seven Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan has become renowned as one of the most dangerous no-go zones in the United States. This area is controlled by a gang known as the Seven Mile Bloods, whose members are notorious for their involvement in drug dealing and other criminal activities. Despite the dangers posed to anyone who visits or lives in this area, many brave souls take on the challenge of venturing into Seven Mile Road.

The Seven Mile Bloods are not the only problem facing Detroit; the city has been struggling with poverty, crime and decay for decades. Once a thriving metropolis that powered the American Dream, Detroit has since become a shadow of its former self. The fact that Detroit’s economic troubles still linger over seven miles away from its downtown core speaks volumes about how far-reaching and deep-rooted these issues are.

The documentary “Seven Mile Road” provides an eye-opening look at life inside Seven Mile Road, from both sides of the law—both those who live inside it as well as those who patrol it daily in an effort to bring down the gangs that thrive there. Through interviews with former gang members and bounty hunters alike, viewers get an intimate look at what it takes to survive such a perilous environment.

For those wanting to gain insight into this dangerous underworld that exists just seven miles away from civilization, “Seven Mile Road” is essential viewing. It serves as a reminder of just how quickly things can spiral out of control if society fails to address inequality and injustice head on. It also highlights how important it is for each individual to step up and help build a better future for all mankind—even if it means taking on seemingly insurmountable odds.

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David B