My Brilliant Brain: Make Me A Genius

Jan 1, 2024 | Health, Videos

Susan Polgar is a name that resonates with chess enthusiasts all around the world. Not only did she become the first female chess Grandmaster in history, but she accomplished this feat through an incredible experiment her father began when she was just four years old. For up to six hours a day, he trained her in the ways of chess – something no woman had achieved before.

In this age of advanced technology and neural networks, it’s easy to forget how important memory and pattern recognition are to both everyday tasks and more complex ones such as chess. But Susan was not only able to recite intricate moves off-by-heart; she could also play entire matches over mobile phone without ever looking at the board. It is this mental agility that made her a grandmaster, despite the belief common at the time that women’s brains were not capable of understanding the spatial awareness required for chess.

The story of Susan Polgar is truly remarkable – one of determination and unwavering focus on an unlikely goal. Her mind works with a superhuman precision that continues to astound those lucky enough to witness it firsthand. To truly appreciate her story, one must watch the documentary on her life, which will be sure to leave you inspired and in awe of what kind of feats humans can achieve when they apply their minds towards a common goal.

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David B