The Chess Kings of Brooklyn

Aug 14, 2022 | People, Videos

This documentary, released in 2012, is concerned with a public school in Brooklyn, New York and their efforts to form and support the chess team. The Intermediate School 318, despite the severe budget cuts, has managed to earn the title of the most rewarded junior high school in the country thanks to the extraordinary success of the schools` chess team.

The triumph of the chess team can be ascribed to a group of dedicated tutors and the help of the local community. It is also important to mention the success of the middle school team, who were the first to win the national high school championship of the United States Chess Federation.

The documentary is filmed through the course of one year, where the focus is on five members of the chess team. You will have a chance to see their everyday lives and the obstacles that they faced on their road to success.

The premiere of the documentary was on March 11th in 2012 at the South by Southwest film festival. Its theatre release was on October 19th in 2012, but only in a number of theatres in the US. Over the course of several months, the documentary was screened on eleven different film festivals and was awarded three times.

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Riyan H.