Murder on a Sunday Morning (2001)

Jan 1, 2024 | Crime, Social, Videos

Brenton Butler was an innocent 15-year-old African American high-school student living in Jacksonville, Florida who got caught up in a terrible case of mistaken identity. On a quiet Sunday morning, a woman was murdered and Brenton soon found himself accused of the crime. The documentary ‘The Case Against 8′ tells the full story of this shocking event and provides an eye-opening look at the U.S. justice system in action.

The film features exclusive courtroom footage and interviews with Brenton’s public defenders, including his attorney Patrick McGuinness. While investigating the case, McGuinness uncovered startling evidence that raised serious questions about the police investigation and subsequent interrogation tactics—evidence that seemed to point to racism and power abuse within the system.

Though Brenton was released after five months in jail, it was not long enough for him to be exonerated of all charges due to unnecessary bureaucratic issues. His experience speaks volumes about racial bias in law enforcement, as well as problems with our justice system as a whole—issues that still loom large today.

By watching ‘The Case Against 8’, viewers can gain insight into Brenton’s heartbreaking story and learn more about our criminal justice system from those fighting for its reform. This real-life drama is sure to be both captivating and informative viewing; set aside some time soon for this essential documentary!

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David B