Mozambique – Land of treasures and turmoil

Aug 7, 2023 | Political, Social, Videos

Amidst the beauty of Mozambique lurks a long history of violence and conflict.  The country’s tattered past, starting from the years of Portuguese colonial rule through a brutal civil war that killed over a million people, up until the present day where Islamic extremist groups threaten both peace and economic growth are explored in this documentary. With exclusive access to some of the country’s hidden treasures, including huge deposits of natural gas and the biggest ruby mine in the world, this documentary provides startling insight into the resources and riches that exist in a country torn apart by internal conflict.
From the arrival of battle-hardened Rwandan troops to the retaking of terrorist strongholds and the looming presence of jihadist groups allied with the so-called Islamic State, the documentary delves into Mozambique’s complex political and economic environment. Against the backdrop of the country’s rich natural resources and ever-present threat of violence lurks the question of whether Mozambique can emerge from its turbulent history onto the path of peace, justice, and prosperity.

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David B