Most Dangerous Ways To School | PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Jun 18, 2023 | Culture, Lifestyle, People, Videos

Every morning, 8-year-old Junior and his cousin Ruth go on a five-day journey through the wild jungles of Papua New Guinea in order to get to school. It’s an incredible feat for these two children and their father Michael, who accompany them on their trip. They traverse one hundred kilometres of dangerous terrain, dodging large snakes and climbing steep mountain sides while crossing countless rivers along the way. The most treacherous part of their journey is navigating the Takali River, a dangerous body of water that has already claimed many lives before.

Their travels are set against the backdrop of the world’s largest rainforest, which is still full of unexplored plants and animals – some of which are quite unique. But aside from encountering strange creatures, the students must also hunt for food along the way – something they take great pride in doing.

This incredible story has been captured by filmmaker Justin Cliffe in his documentary ‘The Children Who Walked To School’ – an intense exploration into this brave family’s story and its impact on those around them. Through interviews with locals as well as stunning images from Papua New Guinea itself, viewers will be taken into a world that most could never imagine experiencing themselves. This gripping film takes us deep into this remote corner of South Pacific culture, highlighting just how resilient children can be when forced to confront difficult situations.

So if you want to see this incredible story unfold before your eyes then don’t miss out! ‘The Children Who Walked To School’ is a captivating documentary that will leave you both inspired and humbled by what these kids have achieved – so be sure to check it out!

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