Morocco: The Kings of Rif

May 7, 2023 | Drugs, Medicine, Nature, Social, Videos

Morocco has long been the epicentre of cannabis production, with its rich Rif region providing the perfect climate for growing the plant. For decades, the cultivation and sale of hashish was strictly illegal, leading to harsh criminal penalties for those caught in the act. Despite this, it remained one of the only industries providing an income for many people living in poverty in the region.

Fortunately, things are starting to change. Moroccan authorities have relaxed restrictions on cannabis use and production for medical, cosmetic and industrial purposes – creating an opportunity for a new industry to emerge. This shift has resulted in a massive boon for the local economy, as well as increased investment from international companies exploring opportunities in Morocco’s burgeoning cannabis market.

In light of these developments, a new documentary titled ‘From Hashish to Hemp: The Cannabis Revolution’ looks at how these changes are affecting everyday life in northern Morocco. Directed by eminent filmmaker Jerome Herve, it follows local hashish traders and farmers as they adjust their operations to conform with new laws and regulations, while exploring how these changes are impacting communities across the region.

This film is essential viewing for anyone interested in learning more about Morocco’s fascinating cannabis culture and its implications for wider society. With stunning footage of Morocco’s natural landscape and insightful interviews with locals involved in this industry, ‘From Hashish to Hemp’ offers unique insight into a country that is undergoing exciting changes and transformations. We highly recommend watching this thought-provoking documentary – not only does it provide valuable information about this emerging sector but it also delivers a powerful message about hope in difficult times.

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David B