Mini Me Me Me: Kids Who Want It All

Oct 9, 2022 | Social, Videos

This shocking one-hour documentary special takes us into the mini world of children who so desperately want to be celebrities at the age of 10 that they are already living the celebrity lifestyle; encouraged by their parents.
We meet a 10 year old girl who tells us she is on ‘the list’ as a potential match for Prince William. At the age of 8 her mother started her on a daily beauty regime, including a £200 per month hair routine, to prepare her for what lies ahead and as she reaches her 11th birthday.
The girl celebrated her birthday with a ‘vogue party’ she agrees with her mum that ‘you can never be too prepared for super model status!
And it’s not just the girls. Brothers, Skip and Frost, aged 10 & 12, are professional DJ’s travelling from Cardiff to Ayia Napa.
They know that networking is key to their success and are known as the So Solid Kids because they are best friends with group So Solid Crew and they want everything this successful adult band has.

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Riyan H.