The Best Documentaries About Prince William

Oct 25, 2023 | Best Of, Celebrities, Political

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best documentaries about Prince William! From his royal upbringing to his current charitable work, this incredible man has made an immense impact on the world. Get ready for a fascinating look at some of the most captivating films that have explored and documented the life of one of Britain’s most beloved public figures. We’ll explore his formative years, his growth into a public figure and historic events that have shaped the man he is today. So grab some popcorn and get ready to dive into the life of Prince William! Let’s go!


1. Prince William – The Future of the Monarchy

Prince William has been a beloved member of the royal family for many years. As first-born son of King Charles III and Princess Diana, he was destined to take on an important role in his lifetime – to be Prince of Wales. William has always had a special place in the hearts of people around the world. He has grown from a precocious child into one of the most popular members of the British royal family, and this documentary shows us just why.The film takes us on a journey from William’s childhood to adulthood, giving us an intimate look at his life.


2. PRINCE WILLIAM | A Royal Life | Full Documentary

PRINCE WILLIAM | A Life Of Royalty It’s no surprise that Prince William is a popular figure around the globe. From an early age, he has been groomed for greatness and has accepted his destiny as head of the monarchy with grace and humility. His reserved nature hides a deep love for his country, family, and duty. On top of this, he also has incredible taste when it comes to choosing the perfect wife and mother for his children and future heirs. And there’s no denying that Prince William is a handsome man! It’s no wonder why so many people admire him from around the world.


3. Prince William: The True Destiny Of the Monarchy | Destiny

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romantic story has been making headlines since they first met. From their courtship, to the stunning wedding, and now as parents of three children–the couple are truly a modern fairytale come true. But what is the ultimate destiny of this beloved prince? The path that Prince William takes in life has been carefully considered since his birth. He has been groomed to excel at sports and academics, but when he met the future Duchess of Cambridge, it was a match made in heaven. Eight years later, after much anticipation, Kate would finally get her prince charming–a wedding that captivated a nation and put romance back into the royal family.


4. Prince William and Catherine Middleton -Too good to be true

Prince William and Catherine Middleton, two of the most beloved members of the royal family, have charmed audiences worldwide for years. Their partnership is a true testament to love and commitment, having endured through ups and downs that must have tested even their strongest bond. They continue to inspire us with their devotion not only to each other but also to their charitable causes; an example of service that sets a wonderful example for the rest of us. No matter what life throws their way, their unwavering loyalty to one another and their compassion for others is truly admirable. They are an example to all of us who strive for greatness in our lives.


5. The Elaborate Upbringing Of A Royal Prince | Prince William: A Royal Portrait

Discover the story of one of the most famous royal families in the world – The House of Windsor. Follow along as we explore the extraordinary upbringing of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and second-in-line to the British throne. From his childhood years to adulthood, we’ll take a look at how such an influential person has grown into a beloved public figure. We’ll also explore his early training as a future King and the challenges that accompany such a responsibility. Join us on this comprehensive journey into the life of Prince William, and uncover the secrets behind one of Britain’s most treasured families! Real Royalty is your source for all things royal – so don’t miss out!


6. Should Prince William Have Been The King? | Royal Rivals or Father & Son

Charles and William have built an indelible bond over the years, both as father and son but also as future King and consort. This documentary explores not only their strong familial relationship but also why Prince William was never meant to be King. Was it a matter of timing or could there have been something more? It looks at the life of both men, from Diana’s death to the present day, and how their relationship has evolved over time. We look at Charles’ often fraught dealings with the monarchy and his desire for William to remain a part of it, as well as William’s own ambivalence towards following in his father’s footsteps.


7. Life Growing Up As Prince William

The future king of Britain, Prince William, will soon be the world’s most sought-after bachelor. As he prepares to enter Eton, the top public school in the country, this documentary follows his journey and provides exclusive footage and interviews to explore how he has grown into a man. It goes beyond just gaining knowledge at school though; it looks at how his experiences have shaped him and how he has become a leader. We can only speculate on the kind of king he will be once his journey is complete, but this documentary gives us an insight into his life that we would not have been privy to otherwise.

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