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Using special techniques macroscopic photography, the filmmakers Claude Nuridsany and Marie Perennou created this fascinating and visually spectacular, hidden worlds in the life cycle of a common meadow in France. When viewed through the lens of cameras and Perennou Nuridsany, insects become gigantic beasts, blades of grass once in imposing monuments, and raindrops form puddles that resemble vast oceans.

The filmmakers find humor, drama and beauty in the lives of these little flora and fauna as caterpillars turn into butterflies, beetles struggle with their day foraging, and snails reproduce the species. Microcosm was the winner of multiple awards from the 1996 French Academy Film Awards, the American version features narration by actress Kristin Scott Thomas.

U.S. the film’s distributor has foolishly decided to market it as entertainment for children, in the apparent belief that there is a reasonable number of adults might be interested, much less enthralled by a documentary very well written and vividly narrated and shot on a fascinating segment and ignores the natural world.

In concept, content, and delivery, this title is head and shoulders above the daily rate offered regularly, and consumed by adults in the cable television channels. (Barnes & Noble)

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