Melting mountains – Rising temperatures in Lapland

Jul 22, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

In Lapland, winter isn’t as cold as it used to be. With dire consequences to the environment, women from its native Sami tribe are facing the direct effects of climate change. In this riveting documentary, viewers will meet three remarkable women: Malin Brännström, Gunhild Ninis Rosqvist, and Victoria Harnesk. Each woman has a story to tell that is both personal and powerful.
Malin, an Indigenous Sami and her husband, are reindeer herders in Swedish Lapland where free-range reindeer are at risk due to rising temperatures. Geography Professor Gunhild drew attention to the alarming melt rate of Kebnekaise’s southern peak, which lost its status as Sweden’s highest in 2019. Meanwhile, Victoria spends summers in Laponian, an area where only the Sami live, but these days it’s possible to take a dip in the Akkajaure reservoir near the Arctic Circle.

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David B