Marty Pigue – The Man Cleaning Up Deserts for Living

Jun 14, 2022 | Environmental, Videos

Marty Pigue has been recycling pretty much his entire life. A selfless man who lives on cleaning up the trash in the desert in Southern California, Marty never asks for anything. All he does is cleaning up the trash, and making a living out of it.

Marty is a 55 year old veteran. After he left the service, Marty traveled the country with a bike, and found up that the abundance of trash, cans, bottles and everything else on the side of the road is something he cannot see and ignore.

Marty decided to do something about it, and dedicated his simple life to the community and the environment.

When he first started cleaning the desert in Southern California, the place was a disaster. He got a nickel and a buck for the stuff he picked up, and now the desert is cleaner than ever.

Marty is someone who inspires people. Not many decide to dedicate their life to the environment, living the simple life. At the moment, there is a campaign for Marty, raising funds to get him a new trailer to replace the old and rusty one. You can join here.

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Riyan H.