Mandy Stavik: The Case No One Could Forget | Full Episode

Aug 5, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Over Thanksgiving weekend in the 1990s, a college student was brutally murdered. The case went unsolved for years, leaving investigators with little hope of ever finding the culprit. But a bakery worker’s ingenious plan to recover DNA from a discarded Coke can changed all that.

By using special techniques developed by the National Institute of Justice, the worker was able to extract the DNA from the beverage container and compare it to samples taken from potential suspects. This process led to a major breakthrough in the case; after years of searching, authorities were finally able to identify and apprehend the killer.

Now, CBS’ 48 Hours has documented this remarkable journey in an episode dedicated to this cold case investigation. Through interviews with family members of both victim and perpetrator, as well as experts on forensic science, viewers are given an inside look at how one small discovery led to justice being served after many years of waiting.

The story is sure to capture your attention and leave you speechless as you witness first-hand how modern technology and hard work will sometimes triumph over time. So don’t miss out on this incredible documentary and tune into 48 Hours on Pluto TV – it’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

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David B