Man Sneaks In & Survives One Week Inside Area 51

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Area 51 is the common name of a highly classified United States Air Force facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range. A remote detachment administered by Edwards Air Force Base, the facility is officially called Homey Airport or Groom Lake.
There is intense secrecy surrounding the base. This made it a frequent subject of conspiracy theories and a central component of unidentified flying object UFO folklore.
While the base has never been declared a secret base, all research occurring there is Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information.
The CIA publicly acknowledged the existence of the base for the first time in June 2013. The government also provides minimal information regarding Area 51. It is permanently off-limits to civilian and normal military air traffic.
This documentary shows how a man managed to get inside and out of it. And survive the process. It is one of the most unbelievable true stories.

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